Begin by infrared heating

 what's  infrared heating ?

Infrared Heating Infraheating is a radiant heating which warms fixed subjects in the room (floors, walling and roofs etc.) and from those is than warmed air. Heat loss of warm isn´t  then so quick lost – warmed wall retains the warm in the room for a longer time then air.přednosti - infratopení

merits of an infrared heating

  • same purchase cost as with other heating systems
  • low assembly costs (for example at reconstruction)
  • drying of walling (brickwork), no water condensation
  • warmed walling (walling temperature is taller by 2 - 3 °C)
  • relative humidity of air will be conserved
  • suitaible for allergic – minimal air circulating and undustiness
  • healthy
  • simple control
  • place saving
  • very nice design
  • infrared heating systems are service-free 

This project was implemented  
with the financial support  
of Fund of Vysočina  

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